Bad Horse
General Information
Affiliation(s): Evil League of Evil
Other Information
Appears in: Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog (Act III)
Songs Performed: None.

Bad Horse, the Thoroughbred of Sin, (portrayed by Dobber) is the leader of the Evil League of Evil, which he rules with an iron hoof. He is also the only known member of the League who is not a human being.

Bad Horse communicates to potential new members of the League via three cowboys, the Bad Horse's Chorus, who sing his messages by telephone or in accompaniment with written letters. Bad Horse has a rather famous evil laugh, his "terrible death whinny." He is quite bloodthirsty. When evaluating Dr. Horrible's application to join the Evil League of Evil, he says that a "heinous crime" will be necessary to earn entry, that "a murder would be nice" and that, should Horrible fail, Bad Horse will "make [Horrible] his mare". After Dr. Horrible's attempt to disrupt the dedication of the Heroes Memorial Bridge fails, Bad Horse informs the Doctor that a murder has become the "only way" for him to join the league.

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